Hector DMB & Alex Andher//

Hector DMB born in the city of Como, has now become one of the most searched new DJs from Milan area and new artist-producer on the label Cubek rec. (Colombia).
In January 2013, he released his first album which had passed 1500 plays in only 12 hours, called Mot Motok in collaboration with his friend and colleague ,Alex Ander.
After the nice Ibiza experience in 2010 playing for some local after parties, he moved for two years in Manchester (UK) where he played for clubs such ad Suede and Sankye’s.
When Hector returned to Italy he started playing as resident Dj for one of the most famous parties all over the north of Italy, Takeoff - BigFamily party, opening to djs as: Leon, Margaret Dygas, SiS, Boris Werner, Gaiser, Daniel Stefanik, Kabale und Liebe, .
His sound is influenced by lables like Moon Harbour, Cecille, Viva music and his live performances are always exciting and spectacular, loving the connection with the crowd.
Hector dmb is for sure one of the new best next Dj Italian ready to rock dancefloors all over the world.

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