SAM Born in Hanau (Germany), but of Italian blood, lives in Palermo, where he began his career in the early 90’s. From his youth he joined the house scene “made in Palermo in which tightens several collaborations with leading organizations of events in Sicily, thanks to which it manages to assert its presence as a DJ in many different clubs and party, resulting in the opportunity to perform the first of many Italian and foreign special guest.
The desire to grow led him to move first to London and then to Germany where he acquired genres and sounds that complement his style of music, increasingly characterized by the underground sounds that are transformed and evolve over the years his sets and his productions. Recently, he often performs in Spain, where a few years working with various DJs and producers in Madrid.
Since 2009 he lives in Milan where he was resident DJ for “Unconventional party” and co-founder of Huntz thunz experimental lab who had the presence of thousand people.He performed at the Academy club, Ca Bianca, Gasoline, Aida and many other clubs party. Finally, the May Day street parade and also to the Maximals, festival of electronic music. Signed to record with Cibi Caldi Record which produces various projects.With his REMOTE project he produced various release like GRAVITE’, CIBICALDI , TASTE BUDS and GASOLINE RECORDS, where he is label manager since 2011. On request by known international artists he produced some remixes.

Experience in:
- Time Radio, one of the first and most important radio in Sicily, which airs the program “electrotime, where spreading their musical experiments
- Art Director of freestyle art school, an academy of dance, music and drama
- To date, the owner and art director of the Academy club Milan, where he lives now.

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