STIC is born from the sick mind of a 14 year old writer.
Rebellious spirit, freedom-loving, messy, find its order in the music.
It all began in a house in the square of his small town, where he spent his days making music, playing records and discover the first editing softwares together with his drummer friend.
Encouraged by some of his friends,at that time event organizers,in a few months he found himself to play in a party with hundreds of people that they began to know his music.
After a few years of hard work, of private parties and small clubs in l'Aquila, DJ contests and productions, in 2009 came the first great satisfaction being behind the console of one of the locals who have made ??the history of his city: the "Magoo".
In the same year, noted for his creations, hanging out with his first release under the label "Black Record".
Surrounded by the electronic music and inspired by artists such as Chemical Brothers, Ricardo Villalobos, Butch and many others, his productions are continuous research and experimentation, which goes from dark and underground tunes to sound fresh and bright. his setsin constant evolution part of the musical product that still characterizes it.
Vinyl lover, passionate and curious about the world of analog instruments, at 17 years Stic is forced to leave his city after the earthquake of 6 April 2009.
He moved to Vasto, where he manages immediately to become known for his music, beach parties and parties in various clubs that allow them to grow and cling to his passion in that period.
Finally returned "home" after an entire summer, actively participates in the re-opening of all places, alternating their evenings between L'Aquila and Vasto.
After graduation, decided to get really involved, turn the page and start all over again.
Looking for an Italian company that respects their artists and gives due weight to electronic music, he moved to Milan, he studied computer music and is willing to promote his music also here, as evidenced by his fantastic EP on Gasoline Records.

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