Federico Sanchioli//

Sanchioli Federico was born in Milan in 1990.
From an early age listening to music going from Italian and American rap to funk and disco 70-80 years coming to acidhouse techouse and 90s, but always keeping abreast of the times that ran.
Frederick grew up in the suburbs, south of Milan, as a young man he attended the premises in Milan, at the age of 16, I started to organize birthday parties, in a shed, in which he also dj.In Following these holidays, the his house became the Klash one of the most exclusive of Saturday evenings in 2007-2008 and worked as a PR and accompanying the tables.
Since 2009 he has worked on various nights always PR but not stimulated enough and decides to stop working at the disco.
Since 2010, he decided to take advantage of evenings where he would find new sounds and accomplished artists to learn from and learn.
In 2011, thanks to a great friend finds a way to give free rein to their creativity, Logic Pro looks for an entire year, the friend to use the program by learning as much as possible.
In February 2012 decided to invest in a studio composed of a Mac BookPro, 2 Adam A7x, Ultranova Novation, Logic Pro with various plug-in.
From the day we bought this material begins a series of productions experimenting and learning confronting various producer of Milan and following evenings where be encouraged to give more and more.

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