STIC// - Villa lost in Milano

Artist: STIC

Name: Villa lost in Milano

Release date: Out soon

Catalog: GAS044D

Genre: Tech house

Year: 2012


STIC's EP contains more nuances of what today is known as house music.
The execution of the tracks can be compared to the passage of time during a day of celebration ...

It starts at sunrise, with the drink still in the hands, ready for the latest songs, the first of a new day.
Voices that suddenly appear, holding up as if the tiredness had gone to sleep before us.

In the afternoon, the mind finds the order ...
voices vanish and then the mind is crowded with thoughts ... and there is only the melody that accompanies them.
interruptions, breakdowns, interlacing, noise ... always a lot of confusion before clarification.

And then comes the time.
You lace up your shoes and then you return to breathe.
The queue, the girl, the bouncers. They do not matter.
is that glass vibration to call us. That bass that wants to leave the room.
The heat emanating from dancefloor is greater than the oppressive heat at the beach, but when the darkness comes back you can close your eyes ... letting go yourself.
And then comes that voice that vibrates in the chest, which sometimes leaves you, like a breath of air before going underwater.
But you are not afraid, because you can always open your eyes.

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